We all know that feeling of rushing through our day, disconnected, unfocused, feeling behind on our to do list and stressed out of our minds. In fact, I believe that last saying “stressed out of our minds”is not used properly to describe this situation. When we are stressed we are actually very much into our minds, in fact so much that we believe we are our minds and our identity is the content of our minds. This identification and the absence from the present moment are two things that tend to cause lots of stress in the body.

The key to elimination of this stress, is to bring awareness and attention to the #PRSNT moment. In this moment it is nothing to fear, nothing to be stressed about, because stress and fear belongs to the ego and the ego simply can’t live here. The ego feeds on thoughts and identification, labeling, drama, future and past. In the present, time doesn’t even exist, because this is the only moment that is. It doesn’t need time. Time is future and past. The ego likes time and tries to tell you you are sooo busy and have no time.

So, next “time” you are running around, stressed and crazy, stop yourself & take a second to tune in with your breath. The breath lives in the moment so you can always trust that it will help calm you. It’s like an inner GPS for peacefulness.

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  • If you extend your exhales and make them about twice as long as your inhales you will notice the instant benefits that happens due to a neurological switch of your nervous system.

  • Extended exhale triggers the relaxation part of the nervous system and is a great way to channel peacefulness.

  • You can’t be present and stressed at the same time.

  • You will not feel chaos when you are peaceful.

  • Embrace this moment & reconnect with who you truly are. Then, as you keep going with your day and feel stress arise, return to the Prsnt moment with your breath as a guide