In 2017 Kjersti started a very untraditional and creative partnership with the family owned, Norwegian technology house Eplehuset. Sharing a passion for film & photography, the partnership is built on creativity, seeking to enhance peoples digital lifestyle. Since the partnership stared Kjersti has created several film pieces from her travels around the world. Together with Chanelle Sladics and with the help from Eplehuset, she has captured everything from drone shots of Arctic stand up paddling in Lofoten, Norway to yoga and meditation in Moab, Utah. 

Check out this edit I made from when I visited beautiful Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway back in April. I captured the road trip with my iPhone 7 and the DJI OSMO mobile camera gimbal from Eplehuset - this device is awesome and lets you capture stable, professional looking images with your iPhone.

Thanks to Lofoten Ski Lodge for the warm stay and for the great guiding around the islands. I love this place and I was more than ecstatic when I got invited to sit in the cockpit flying over these stunning mountains, reaching 1000 meters straight out of the crystal clear ocean.

Excited to share the result with you in this edit! Let me know your thoughts :)

Thanks to Chanelle Sladics for additional footage

Check out this video I made filming with the DJI Mavic Pro drone from Eplehuset

I have been interested in film and photography since I was very young and I always bring a camera of some sort on my travels. People that know me might even tell you I am slightly obsessive, but to me, it´s so fun to be able to capture magical moments and bring them back to life later. Admiring old film clips, going down memory lane or creating a piece with movement and music… Now that I have learned how to operate and fly a drone, I can capture moments I never even dreamed of being able to capture when I first started filming. I believe everyone needs creativity in their life. It keeps us curious, spontaneous and childlike. To me, film and photography are passions that inspire my growth.

I am proud to be able to present these beautiful images from Lofoten, Norway with music from the amazing ARY an up and coming artist from my hometown Trondheim.

Have you ever been to Moab? I made a video using my Iphone combined with the DJI OSMO MOBILE from @eplehuset to show my experience of the beautiful National Park. Check it out when you have a moment :) I am extra proud to share this video as it features the song "I need Lions" by the amazing, up and coming, Norwegian artist Amanda Tenfjord

All images (except the ones I am being filmed in) is shot on my iPhone 7 - isn't that pretty amazing how stable the shots get?

Thanks to professional snowboarder and certified yogi Chanelle Sladics for her dance moves :)