Kjersti Buaas is a professional snowboarder from Trondheim, Norway. She has competed on the professional Snowboard Tour for 15 + years, and is one of few women who successfully has transitioned from halfpipe to slopestyle. She has won medals in the Olympics, XGames & the Us Open & been awarded with many prestigeous titles, one of them being "Queen Of Style" from Onboard Magazine. Kjersti is known for always adding extra intention into her style and presence, both on and off the mountain. With her enthusiastic attitude & care for community and the environment, Kjersti has definitely made her mark and positive impact in the snowboard community and beyond.                                                                      

       Career Highlights

Kjersti walked away with 3 podium wins during the 2015 Nine Queens in Serfaus, Austria

Kjersti walked away with 3 podium wins during the 2015 Nine Queens in Serfaus, Austria



6th in the first ever X Games Big air for Women in Aspen, US

7th X Games Big Air Norway

The first women to try a 2018 in an X Games big air final


3rd X Games Big Air, Oslo, Norway

Participant in the Freeride World Tour

One of the only athletes to compete cross over Freestyle to Freeride


1st Nine Queens Big Air

Awarded Best Style Nine Queens

Best individual GoPro moment Nine Queens

Lands her first fs 1080 at Nine Queens and becomes the 3rd women in the to do so on a jump

2nd Spring Battle

Awarded "rider of the year" in Norway and nominated for "rider of the decade" with amazing riders like Andreas Wiig, Mikkel Bang, Mads Johnson & Danny Larsen

Norwegian National Champion Big Air


1st BA Community Cup, Keystone, Colorado

5th SS Community Cup, Keystone, Colorado

Qualified for her 4th Olympic Games


1st FIS Overall SS Champion
1st BA Norwegian Champion, Stryn, Norway

3rd X-Games SS Tignes, France 

2nd SS Grand Prix/FIS WC Copper Mountain, US

3rd SS FIS WC Spindelvryv, Czech Republic


Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas scores a 82.66 for third place in the Women's Snowboard Slopestyle final at X Games Tignes 2013.


2nd US Open slopestyle

1st US Open Creative Night Jam

3rd X Games slopestyle, Aspen

4th SS X-Games Tignes, France


1st US Open Rail Jam

2nd SS New Zealand Open

3rd TTR Overall

3rd Burton Global Open series


Silver SS X Games Tignes, France

3rd O'Neill Evolution HP 6*TTR Davos, Switzerland

4th SS X Games Aspen, US

4th HP European Open Laax, Switzerland

5th HP X Games Tignes, France


1st - Slopestyle - Burton US Open

1st Overall European Open - Laax, Switzerland

1st HP FIS WC La Molina, Spain

2nd HP Burton European Open Laax, Switzerland

3rd SS Burton European Open Laax, Switzerland

4th HP Burton US Open, Stratton, US

4th SS X-Games Aspen, US

4th HP Dew Tour Mt Snow, US






2006 Olympic Games Bronze Medal

3x Olympian Halfpipe (02’/06’/10’)

Olympian Slopestyle 2014

8 World Cup Podiums/ 4 Gold

4 X Games podiums

21 X Games Starts

Jr World Champion x 2 (99´/ 00´)

Coach at 2018 Olympics for Slovakia





Voted no. 7 of World’s Top 10 snowboarders (13’) by Redbull.com

4x Rider of the year Norwegian Snowboard Awards (06’/08’/12’/15´)

Awarded Norwegian Rider of the Decade Fri Flyt Magazine

Awarded Best Style Nine Queens 2015 and 2016

Miss Superpark Rider Stand Out Award (2012)

Burton Us Open “Creative Use Of Space” Award (2011)

Nominated for European Rider of the Year

Awarded KONGEPOKALEN (Kings throphy) x 2

Awarded with the prestigious “Queen Of style” title by Onboard Mag (04’)



Watch the FULL MOVIE here: vimeo.com/54117174 

Roxy Refreshments (07/08/09/10/11/12/13’)

Eurotic (12’)

One Life Wednesdays (11’)

Labor of Love (07’)

Last Winter (06’)

Dropstitch (04’)








Kjersti´s love for the snow at age 6

Kjersti´s love for the snow at age 6

As a true Norwegian, Kjersti was literally skiing before she could walk. Growing up in a well established winter sports community in Trondheim, Norway she entered her first regional contest at age 6. At age 12 her love for the snow had only grown bigger, but she wanted to be more creative with they way she moved her body. She discovered snowboarding in 1994 and never looked back. In 1996 she won a local big jump contest, receiving her first sponsorship. She started traveling around competing in some contests, winning the World Junior Championships in 1999 which launched her international career. In 2000 she signed her first professional snowboard contract, and she won her first World Cup contest that same year. She then secured her place as the most stylish female ripper out there at the Winter Olympics in Salt lake, pulling the biggest Air to Fakies ever seen by a girl and finishing just outside the podium in 4th place. Four years later she took home the prestegious bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Alongside with competing at the highest level in snowboarding, Kjersti has also developed her skills in the backcountry. She has filmed several video parts and is recognized in documentaries & TV shows globally. In addition to this Kjersti has her hands in many different buckets; she creates, produce, hosts and stars in events, TV shows and exploration trips. She is also very environmentally aware and works with many non-profit organizations, with a mission to help preserve heath of humans & our eARTh.

The documentary "Do What You Love" tells a retsrospective story about four time Olympic Norwegian Snowboarder, Kjersti Buaas. This 90 minute film includes the highest quality cinematography, infused with 8mm film and raw footage captured by Kjersti herself.