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Beet Burgers

What You Need

2 Yellow Onions

2 Big Beets

1/2 Cup to 1 Cup Nut flour (almond, pecan, walnut paleo blend)

2 Tbs Tapioca Flour (to help bind)

2 Pasteurized Eggs

Pinch of Cumin

1 Glove Garlic

1 tbs Rosemary Extract

1 tsp Lemon Juice

Salt & Pepper To Taste

Coconut Oil (refined) or Avocado Oil

Goat Cheese (optional)

Fresh Rosemary

What You Do

beet burgers

Caramelize onions in Iron Skillet in Avocado Oil or other high temp oil.

Shred the beets into a bowl and squeeze out the water

Add the flour and eggs

Add the spices and lemon

Grade in preferred amount of Goat Cheese (Optional)

Kneed it together like a dough and put in fridge to cool for about 15 min

Take the dough out of fridge and heat up the iron skillet

Shape into burger patties. Use your hands to squeeze it so it sticks well.

Cook in high temp oil on medium to to high heat on both sides until golden (about 3-5 min on each side) Be gentle as they are fragile before they get cooked. You can keep shaping the burgers in the pan with a spatula

Serve with avocado, lettuce, kale, sweet potato fries, regular potato wedges with fresh rosemary or other preferred sides. Avocado pesto is also a nice touch. I will post a recipe on that and link it

I promise, these beets will make you wanna dance

I promise, these beets will make you wanna dance


We already know how to reduce emissions from the livestock industry, reducing the consumption of meat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this. What we lack is the will to implement and carry through the solutions. Therefore, POW Norway urge you to have a meet free week this February! We'll be posting inspirational recipes and facts regularly - to show you just how easy, and important, this is.

Beet Burgers Paleo style

To follow the challenge visit my instagram story @kjerstibuaas & give @protectourwintersnorway some love in their quest to help make this planet a cleaner more sustainable place to thrive. and make sure to tune in at the following links:





Here is a favorite breakfast bowl of ours that came to life by just having a good time in the kitchen. We are such big fans of eating clean and healthy, meaning using ingredients that are grown in pure soil, without all the chemicals and GMO's 🌱

Our bodies are depending on us to take care of them and through our food we can create a healthy environment. This will show both on the inside and outside of ourselves. We also believe that the food has to taste good, so by using high quality ingredients like this is also a ticket to successful, simple and delicious meals. 

This breakfast bowl involves organic fresh greens at the bottom, sourdough artisan whole grain bread, avocado and eggs from pasture- raised chickens. Drizzle organic, cold pressed olive oil over the whole bowl and sprinkle with raw hemp seeds. Top it with sea salt of good quality and fresh cracked pepper. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and jalapeños for spice. We assure you this bowl will inspire some loud sounds and make you wanna go dance



Doing business to uplift the youth!

The action sports industry has become over saturated with beverage products containing way to much sugar, additives and artificial flavors. About 4 years ago I left my conventional energy drink contract early because I no longer saw myself aligned with the products. I wanted to promote and fuel my body with drinks and foods that has clean ingredients that I can pronounce the names of & that has lots of nutritional benefits. I searched for an alternative to the traditional "energy drinks" & found a company who are seeking to provide something different. Last year I got onboard with Purps, a organic beverage company founded by Kelly Slater, Pat Tenore and Dr Purps himself - all amazing leaders in the action sports community and beyond. They are not only providing an alternative to energy drinks, but also organic sports drinks and superfood travel packs to take on the road. I like to take the Purps Vita with me on the mountain, as it is small and easy to bring and gives me that "superboost" I am looking for when I'm training in the park. The company and it's team has a purpose to help uplift others, emphasizing on how they especially can inspire the youth. Through their program #purpsitforward they are using their position to help educate and inspire youth to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Their courageous leadership & dedication to giving back to the community inspires me to do the same. I am so proud to be a part of this family and to share their message on my platforms. 

Check their website here to find out more about them and their great initiatives towards youth