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Supporting non profits who care to make a difference is one of my love to do's! Keep A Breast Foundation does so much work to help prevent (mark PREVENT) breast cancer. There is so much research out there showing that our lifestyle choices are directly linked to disease. Did you know that cosmetics like our makeup, soaps and shampoos often contain harmful chemicals that literally will attack our cells and cause cancer? Besides skin cancers, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among American women according to It accounts for nearly 1 in 3 cases of cancers. Today, about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.

When I visit the Keep A Breast Foundation I always learn I lot of freaky facts about cancer, one of them being that they have actually found remains of parabens in the lumps!!! There are many different parabens out there, the most harmful ones known are methylparaben & propylparaben so look out for these on the labels. According to many of these chemicals are considered hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body's hormonal balance. Because estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop and grow, many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen.

Keep A Breast states that every woman can decrease her risk of breast cancer by living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding common toxins that are linked to cancer, and making smart diet choices. 

So especially ladies, be mindful about the products you put on your body, including lotions, sunscreens, deodorants, nail polishes, makeup. I bet you will find at least one those no-no parabens hidden in the forest of ingredients of your cosmetics.

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