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- 1 avocado - 1 garlic clove - The juice from half a lemon - Salt and pepper - 1-2 tablespoons of good olive oil - (1 handful of spinach) - (1 bun basil) - (1 bag of pine nuts or a handful of cashew nuts) - (Possibly broccoli or green peas) - (possibly cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and parmesan) - Taste with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

This is what you do

Drive all the ingredients to a steady mass with spellmixer or food processor.

What's so nice with this pesto is that the variations are endless. The basic recipe is avocado, garlic, lemon and salt and pepper. Then you can vary with, for example, adding steamed broccoli or green peas. You can use other fresh herbs if you do not have basil and if you do not have pine nuts, you can add cashew nuts for example. Serve the pesto pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and vegan, homemade parmesan (0.5 dl nutrient ginger mixed in food processor with 1 clove of garlic, a handful of cashew nuts, salt, pepper and some lemon juice), but it is also good to panfry a little mushrooms to get a little more crunch.







Beet Burgers

What You Need

2 Yellow Onions

2 Big Beets

1/2 Cup to 1 Cup Nut flour (almond, pecan, walnut paleo blend)

2 Tbs Tapioca Flour (to help bind)

2 Pasteurized Eggs

Pinch of Cumin

1 Glove Garlic

1 tbs Rosemary Extract

1 tsp Lemon Juice

Salt & Pepper To Taste

Coconut Oil (refined) or Avocado Oil

Goat Cheese (optional)

Fresh Rosemary

What You Do

beet burgers

Caramelize onions in Iron Skillet in Avocado Oil or other high temp oil.

Shred the beets into a bowl and squeeze out the water

Add the flour and eggs

Add the spices and lemon

Grade in preferred amount of Goat Cheese (Optional)

Kneed it together like a dough and put in fridge to cool for about 15 min

Take the dough out of fridge and heat up the iron skillet

Shape into burger patties. Use your hands to squeeze it so it sticks well.

Cook in high temp oil on medium to to high heat on both sides until golden (about 3-5 min on each side) Be gentle as they are fragile before they get cooked. You can keep shaping the burgers in the pan with a spatula

Serve with avocado, lettuce, kale, sweet potato fries, regular potato wedges with fresh rosemary or other preferred sides. Avocado pesto is also a nice touch. I will post a recipe on that and link it

I promise, these beets will make you wanna dance

I promise, these beets will make you wanna dance


We already know how to reduce emissions from the livestock industry, reducing the consumption of meat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this. What we lack is the will to implement and carry through the solutions. Therefore, POW Norway urge you to have a meet free week this February! We'll be posting inspirational recipes and facts regularly - to show you just how easy, and important, this is.

Beet Burgers Paleo style

To follow the challenge visit my instagram story @kjerstibuaas & give @protectourwintersnorway some love in their quest to help make this planet a cleaner more sustainable place to thrive. and make sure to tune in at the following links:




Sweet Potato Gnocci


Veggisveko søtpotet gnocchi


  • 500 g = 2,5 cups sweet potato

  • 150 g = 1/2 cup ricotta (you can also skip the cheese or use goat cheese)

  • 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese

  • About 2 cups of flour

  • Salt to taste

  • Butter or use olive oil (if cooking on low heat), coconut oil or avocado oil for high temperatures

  • Cayenne to spice it up if you like spice :)

This is what you do

I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it like this :)

I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it like this :)

Boil the sweet potatoes until they are completely soft and cool. Then mashed together with ricotta, parmesan and salt. I skipped the cheese and it is completely fine. The add flour little by little, until you get a dough. I actually altered with sorghum and organic corn flower to try to make it glutenfree. I had to add two eggs to get it to stick so if you are not using wheat and eat eggs that is a good option for gluten free. You can even use green banana flour and tapioca flour if you like. Its all about getting a good consistency on the dough. It may be a little sticky in shape, but as long as you have flour on the workbench and hands, it should be fine. Divide the dough into six pieces and roll each piece into a long strip. Cut each strip into gnocchi-sized pieces and roll a fork over each piece to get the classic gnocchi look. Boil a saucepan with water and a little salt. Add the gnocchi and cook until they float up, then they are ready. Heat a frying pan and add butter or I use refined coconut oil. Add the gnocchi and fry until they have a golden color. Serve right away. I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it straight off the pan but you can use the gnocchi in a salads or with a pasta sauce like pesto. It can be enjoyed in many ways :)

TIPS: You may want to make the pasta in advance. Complete all the steps, even the cooking, and gnocchien store in the refrigerator and fry it just before serving. if you have leftover dough the gluten free version made great pancakes :)



Turn our passion into purpose - Protect our winters

We can’t ignore the fact that the health of our planet is in a state of urgency, meaning we need to act and do something different in order to reverse and rebuild what has been worn and torn down... natural playgrounds are being polluted and resources are being depleted, rapidly. I think that the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Can the state of our planet be a reflection of what is happening on our inside? I feel like as a collective we humans are not so healthy. We have so many individual problems. We waste. We care about what we look like, what others think about us, if we are good at something and so on. We let the ego sit in the driver seat, wrapped up in our thoughts and beliefs, comparing and constantly finding ways to separate us from each other and from our surroundings. We have more disease than ever. Meanwhile, earth is getting warmer, oceans are getting contaminated and animals are trapped in our mindless line of trash... This blog post is not meant to be negative, yet I think it’s an important topic to speak about. I´m not saying that I’m doings something better than you, that is the ego again. I’m just saying that we have the opportunity to help turn things around for the better of our planet...

I’m a part of the @protectourwinters athlete alliance and I see what an amazing job #pow is doing to help protect our winters and beyond. With this message I hope to reach outdoor people who care for our planet, to get involved in the electoral process. I also hope to reach YOU, as everyone can be an environmentalist. @protectourwinters have just launched the @pow_action_fund where real action on policy can happen!!! Since there is power in numbers we hope you will join us on this new and important venture. Head over to to learn more about our mission, initiatives and ways to get involved. Together, let’s turn our passion into purpose and realize the true potential and power this community holds. And show the climate deniers in office the door.

During  @bprsnt  women’s adventure retreat in Lofoten Norway we got together a global community and brought a  #pow  flag out with us hiking the mountains. As a community of mountain loving, outdoorsy women, we hope to help create awareness around  #pow

During @bprsnt women’s adventure retreat in Lofoten Norway we got together a global community and brought a #pow flag out with us hiking the mountains. As a community of mountain loving, outdoorsy women, we hope to help create awareness around #pow

I love being outdoors & aim to help protect our natural playgrounds as much as I can, so future generations can enjoy it too 🌎 I experience that temperatures are getting warmer and snow seasons are getting shorter and I know that the environment is in a state of emergency. But in order to help the glove getting warmer we need everyone. We need a global cooperation


In April 2018 we hosted a @bprsnt women’s adventure retreat in Lofoten Norway. The week we were in Lofoten we saw rapid snow melt and we had to hike with our boards on our backs for a while before we even found snow. We still had such a good time,

connecting with each other and the outdoor. Speaking of, spending time outdoors is amazing, but with the current state of the globe & in order to keep our natural playgrounds accessible, we need to merge our passion for the outdoors with action that actually help protect it. Whether we have a large, medium or small stage, we are all role models for someone in our life’s and we have a footprint that matter... because in order to change everything we need everyone

If you want to be a part of @protectourwinters or any of their national extensions you can follow their account or go to and to find out how, when there is a climate march near you and how you can get involved in general.