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What actually happens when we write down our goals!

It amazes me what happens when we actually write down our goals and start taking action to invest in them...


On a rainy day in the fall of 2016, after a work out in my garage, I wrote down some thoughts on a piece of paper. I don't know if you can relate, but often when I am in movement, I feel really creative and inspired to take on life. It´s something about the natural aspect of being in the flow of movement that ignites me, sparks my inside flame and brings me the confidence to think I can take on the world :) 

I started to scribble away on the paper and said to myself to just let anything come out - not to judge my thoughts or feel like it had to be perfect. I had a blurry vision and it needed to come out in the shape and form it wanted to. Eventually, I paused and realized that my vision had become more clear as I put the words on my paper. I saw that I had created myself some pretty epic, abstract goals. It sounded something like this:

I am here to guide meditation to big and small groups, help spread love and compassion and elevate the collective consciousness. Keywords: Big room, people meditating and breathing together, another form of speaking gig where we are elevating together. The audience is feeling and doing, not only listening...

How will I attract this: Take a meditation course and be open to every opportunity. I will attract this naturally as I am following my inner compass (heart)

I didn't really know what, when, where this goal would manifest, but I folded the paper and knew that because I had followed my heart, I would not need to fight to make this happen...In December 2017 I started studying meditation with an online program.

Dream Team aka Me, Klaudia Medlova, President of The UN Mr Lajčák & Chanelle Sladics 

Dream Team aka Me, Klaudia Medlova, President of The UN Mr Lajčák & Chanelle Sladics 

Skip forward about 6 months as I find myself in New York, at the United Nations Head Quarters. During the winter Olympics in South Korea I had received an invitation by the UN president himself to the #Youth72 Dialoge together with professional athletes, Chanelle Sladics and Klaudia Medlova. As we arrived at the UN I was told that I had a spot to speak during the open mic session. At first, I panicked, as I didn't know what to talk about on such short notice, on such an "important" stage. But, as the president himself opened up the conference by saying, the more raw and organic, the better, I felt sort of calmer. The planner in me wanted to prepare so badly but the freestyler in me spoke louder. I took the challenge to let go of control and trust that whatever came out on stage was perfect for the moment. I walked nervously on to the stage with my bare feet...

Continue reading below the video for the full story...

Professional snowboarder and four-time Olympian Kjersti Buaas is passionate about physical health but also about mental and spiritual health. She has been practicing meditation for 8 years and uses it in preparation for and during big competitions.

When I came back home I found some old notes on a piece of paper. To my surprise (yes, I had forgotten about what I wrote on that rainy day) I had accomplished the abstract goal I wrote down about a year ago. Looking back at this video reminds me that when we follow our inner compasses we will start to attract what is true to us and what belongs to us...

So I want to ask you some questions:

What are you dreaming about?

Do you have any goals written down at the moment?

If not, what is preventing you from writing down your goals and dreams?

What needs to change in order for you to start writing down your goals and take action on them?