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Me, my, mine? We tend to use these words generously. I first became aware of these patterns in MY-self and decided to start by observing when, how often and in relation to what I was using these simple, yet powerful words. It showed me that it was A LOT! and it was happening in all areas of MY life. I started bringing awareness of how I could use other words to express something very similar and if I would respond differently.  I observed that by saying "the car" instead of my car I sort of (over time) became less attached to the car. Another example is my computer. I noticed I was even saying "well, in MY world or in "MY life". That is kind of bizarre and interesting all at once, why do we even say that? Like I have MY own world and "MY own life"? Is it not true that we are all ONE? Further, we tend to say "MY plans", "MY food", "MY country", MY feelings, MY problems, MY fault, MY husband/wife/partner... That is MINE!!! The ego likes to create a world around itself in the shape of ME, MY MINE. It takes ownership of everything and anything and thrives on defining and compartmentalizes whenever it gets the chance. Wherever you let it. It even says "MY personality" (this is whom I am) and tries to hang on to it whenever it smells change on the horizon. That is how it feels safe. What this really does is create attachment, fear of loss and imaginary walls. Over time, we start to think that we are those things, that emotion or even that relationship. And without it we lose something; we are no longer whole. It separates us from the truth that is we are all one. Crazy huh?

Kjersti Buaas by Dave Lehl


I noticed that by eliminating the words mine, my and me wherever I could, in any area, I even experimented with saying the Instagram account instead of MY Instagram account, I naturally created a lighter environment. I feel less identification and need to get something, like attention in the form of likes or any form of approval.  We can do the same with emotions. We tend to say "you hurt MY feelings" instead of just seeing that these feelings are just passion through us and we don't need to identify with them and cling to them. I wonder sometimes if when we cry its rooted in fear of letting go of (loosing) that emotion? I am not saying that we should get stuck on the level of words, because after all, words and languages are all man made up. Yet, I do think our language is a reflection of the society we live in and we tend to use words that are related to the current  status quo. With that said, It’s quite cool that we can bring attention to how the words are used and how that affects us. We are all different so its going to be different responses and observations. Drop a comment if you want, I am curious to hear your finds of inner awareness   



Sweet Potato Gnocci


Veggisveko søtpotet gnocchi


  • 500 g = 2,5 cups sweet potato

  • 150 g = 1/2 cup ricotta (you can also skip the cheese or use goat cheese)

  • 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese

  • About 2 cups of flour

  • Salt to taste

  • Butter or use olive oil (if cooking on low heat), coconut oil or avocado oil for high temperatures

  • Cayenne to spice it up if you like spice :)

This is what you do

I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it like this :)

I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it like this :)

Boil the sweet potatoes until they are completely soft and cool. Then mashed together with ricotta, parmesan and salt. I skipped the cheese and it is completely fine. The add flour little by little, until you get a dough. I actually altered with sorghum and organic corn flower to try to make it glutenfree. I had to add two eggs to get it to stick so if you are not using wheat and eat eggs that is a good option for gluten free. You can even use green banana flour and tapioca flour if you like. Its all about getting a good consistency on the dough. It may be a little sticky in shape, but as long as you have flour on the workbench and hands, it should be fine. Divide the dough into six pieces and roll each piece into a long strip. Cut each strip into gnocchi-sized pieces and roll a fork over each piece to get the classic gnocchi look. Boil a saucepan with water and a little salt. Add the gnocchi and cook until they float up, then they are ready. Heat a frying pan and add butter or I use refined coconut oil. Add the gnocchi and fry until they have a golden color. Serve right away. I added sage to an iron skillet and ate it straight off the pan but you can use the gnocchi in a salads or with a pasta sauce like pesto. It can be enjoyed in many ways :)

TIPS: You may want to make the pasta in advance. Complete all the steps, even the cooking, and gnocchien store in the refrigerator and fry it just before serving. if you have leftover dough the gluten free version made great pancakes :)



Chana Masala 


Chana Masala 1-2 servings

Chana Masala 1-2 servings


  • 3 tablespoons oil (coconut oil or olive oil)

  • ½ yellow onions 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

  • 1 whole chili without seeds, finely chopped (add more or less according to how spicy you want. It becomes medium spicy with a whole chili)

  • 1 handful of finely chopped fresh coriander

  • 1 topped ts cumin 1 topped

  • tsp malt turmeric

  • 1 topped tsp malted coriander

  • 1x finely chopped ginger or 1 tablespoon of ground ginger

  • ½ teaspoon of salt

  • 1 box of canned tomatoes

  • 1 box of canned chickpeas

  • 1ts garam masala (optional, both in paste and spice mix), possibly ½ teaspoon cardamom, 1/8 teaspoon ground mashed potatoes, a little pepper, ¼ teaspoon of malt carnations.

  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

RESULT: I made mine with a lot of veggies and ditched the chickpeas and it tasted so good!!!

RESULT: I made mine with a lot of veggies and ditched the chickpeas and it tasted so good!!!

This is what you do

Oils, onions, garlic, fresh coriander, chili are cooked in a pan of high heat together with cumin, salt, turmeric, ground coriander and ginger for a few minutes. Add more oil if it is too dry on the pan. Then add canned tomatoes and canned chickpeas with either garam masala or spice mix. It's not a crisis if you do not have all of these spices. Add some water if necessary, the masala should have a slightly thick, juicy consistency. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Season with salt, sugar, chili etc. Remove the heat and stir in 1ss lemon juice. Can be eaten as it is, then it is enough for one person or server with rice or quinoa, for example, it's enough for two.

What is The easiest way to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

If everyone in Norway eats one vegetarian meal a week, it has the same effect as removing 170 000 cars from the roads for a whole year (1). If everyone in the world turned vegetarian, it would reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions related to food production by 60 %. Moreover, if everyone turned vegan, it would further reduce the emissions by 10 % (2). Since food-related emissions account for about 15% of total global emissions (1), this will, in other words, have a very big effect. It may not be realistic to expect everyone to turn vegan or even vegetarian overnight, but if we all eat a little bit less meat, it will help! It might even ensure our children and grandchildren can experience the same wonderful and snowy winters we've been so lucky to live through.


We already know how to reduce emissions from the livestock industry, reducing the consumption of meat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to achieve this. What we lack is the will to implement and carry through the solutions. Therefore, POW Norway and I urge you to have a meet free week this February! I will be posting inspirational recipes and facts regularly - to show you just how easy, and important, this is.









P: @chanellesladics

What is your relationship with the #PRSNT moment? Every day I do 2 x 20 minutes meditation sessions but to be fully transparent, some days it can be challenging to find space and time to practice. This especially happens when family is around or I have a long “to do list” or if I am really stressed out. With that said, I know how beneficial a consistent meditation practice is, so rather than getting frustrated when I can’t do my regular practice, [or skipping the meditation] i’v learned to find a way to flex and flow with what er is going on around me. One solution that I absolutely love is to practice #movingmeditation 🏊‍♀️ This style of meditation can be integrated into activities like for example running, swimming and snowboarding. In fact, you might even feel like you have been meditating while immersed in these activities. The reason for this is that when we connect with our bodies and breath, we naturally become a part of the #PRSNTmoment, because the body and our breath is always present.



When we systematically apply a technique of breath awareness to an activity, we draw the attention of our minds into the moment and practice what is called a moving meditation. It’s similar to when you just get “lost” in the activity but with an added layer of mindfulness. The result is a strengthened capacity to return to the #prsnt moment - In day to day life, when stressful situations arise, this is a great tool to have in your tool belt. Did you know that fear can’t live in the present moment? The ego, who is is responsible for triggering fear, pain, disappointment and so on, can’t survive in the now. That’s why, when we draw our attention into the #PRSNT moment, we feel so good. We become free from the ego and feel love, fulfillment and bubbling positive vibrations 🙏🏻




Today I read something really inspiring about how being "stuck" in bad patterns and habits is quite common, but how easily we can get "unstuck" if we only shift our perspective a little bit. The article from the enlightened, colorado based magazine "listen, share and be kind, was saying that we are not solid beings with problems, rather consciousness projecting epic stories

Me taking a moment to reflect on life and all the stories I have projected. Where will I go next...? Captured in the beautiful Alps of Southern Tirol by Chanelle Sladics

Me taking a moment to reflect on life and all the stories I have projected. Where will I go next...? Captured in the beautiful Alps of Southern Tirol by Chanelle Sladics

Everything that appears outside of you actually originates from our consciousness
— Kathy Castrigno
Our perspective on life can change with a single move

Our perspective on life can change with a single move

We tend to think that we have to keep feeling a certain way or do something the same way as always, just because that's "our identity. How many times have you said, well, that's just who I am or no, that's not me?? We tend to cling to our story and wait around for something outside our self or the idea of the future, to make changes.

I really connected with the author of the article saying that everything that appears outside of us actually originates from inside us, our consciousness. Whatever we transmit out is reflected back to us as through a mirror. We are the author and main character in our own stories and lives. The article I read said that quantum physics has shown that we send out frequencies that carry information through our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

If this is so, we also have the immense power to build our dream life. So, let's say that we can project a different frequency right now... does that not mean that we don't have to wait for something outside our self to shift our story?? If you feel stuck or unhappy with something, find a new perspective. Take the first step and begin telling a new story now. Don't wait for approval from the outside world, don't wait for someone to tell you it's okay... Don´t worry about what's wrong or right or how to fix your old story. Leave the old story behind and start telling a new version that paints you as an empowered being, filled with love, passion, gratitude and confidence! Tell this new story over and over and don't be scared to pour your heart & soul into it. Its a law of physics that at some future point, the universe will reflect back to you what you put out there. 

Source: Listen, share and be Kind Magazine



Break bad habits with movement

Finding a good balance in your work day can be a big challenge. When I get stuck in front of the computer for too long, staring at the screen with bad posture, I find that I get tunnel vision and lose touch with myself

Kjersti Buaas Wear Colour Stretching
Climbing fuels my soul, gets me focused and opens my creative channels

Climbing fuels my soul, gets me focused and opens my creative channels

Sitting in front of the computer for to long, usually involves lots of "hunching" and bad posture.  You can notice that your posture will be more and more "closed up" the more you sit in the "computer position". Standing once in a while can do wonders, preferably using a standing desk. 

To break up my day from sitting still too long and to get a different perspective, I like to go for a run or do some kind of physical activity, preferably outside, but anything goes in a hectic work day. Being a professional athlete competing for over 18 years, has thought me that repetition over time, helps you attract those results. The results can be positive or negative for the body and the mind, all depending on what it is that you are repeating. Therefor, it is smart to make sure that you adapt and repeat those healthy habits and lifestyle into your "every day".

In order to reopen my posture and connect with my heart chakra I do opposite movements of what I would do in front of the computer. I practice some form of yoga everyday. Yoga is a great activity to break up a work day when you spend a lot of time sitting still. It´s one of my favorite forms of movement to keep in touch with my body, mind and spirit.

In order to reopen my posture and connect with my heart chakra I do opposite movements of what I would do in front of the computer. I practice some form of yoga everyday. Yoga is a great activity to break up a work day when you spend a lot of time sitting still. It´s one of my favorite forms of movement to keep in touch with my body, mind and spirit.

The past years I have gotten pretty found of climbing and to improve my techniqueI like to integrate hand and finger exercises into my day to day life. Taking 10 minutes to stand up and give some attention to my hands can both help my climbing and save me from adapting negative patterns that again can lead to dis-ease further down the line.  

Climbing is an easy activity that everyone can do and it does not require a lot of equipment, especially if you are bouldering. If I dont have access to an easy outdoor climbing spot, I go to a climbing gym near me and do a 45 min session. It is amazing how much more clarity, focus and creativity I have when I come back to my work space. 



Eating healthy trough out the day really helps me stay focused and provides me with the energy I need to endure through the day. Getting up from chair to make meals, helps me break up my work day. It also gives me credits towards my daily standing goal witch is 12 hours each day. It mights sound silly to have a standing goal, but it´s touch on the hip flexors to sit for long periods of time. It also is contributing towards my goal of being the best version of myself. I like to make smoothie bowls, salads with goodies from the garden, yummy vegetable pasta & eggs with avocado & sourdough bread from a local bakery (the real sourdough)

I have started using a watch to help remind me to get up and break away from creating bad habits and patterns. It also tells me to take a minute to breathe. As I am typing this, my clock just told me to get up and move. I guess technology can be used as a crutch or as a tool, all depending on your awareness around it :)

I have started using a watch to help remind me to get up and break away from creating bad habits and patterns. It also tells me to take a minute to breathe. As I am typing this, my clock just told me to get up and move. I guess technology can be used as a crutch or as a tool, all depending on your awareness around it :)




This is an interview I did with Tom at that goes in a bit more depth - these are my favorite kind of interview as I really get to talk about things I am passionate about like creativity in sport, food, health and the environment. This is also my first interview where I express that I left my energy drink contract early and why... Read it here Check out or below :)

Real Talk: Kjersti Buaas

Signature Kjersti style at The Migh High.   Photo: Alex Roberts

Signature Kjersti style at The Migh High.
Photo: Alex Roberts

It’s tough to write an intro for a rider who has had such a long and successful career. Where do you start with someone who has been competing since 1996 and in that time has amassed a ton of solid results in pipe, slopestyle and big air events? Known for having one of the best styles ever, an avid promoter for the environment and healthy living, she makes an ideal role model. Kjersti has more than cemented her place in snowboarding’s hall of fame. Here we find out more from the lady herself.

You have competing pretty much since 1996 and you seem to show no signs of slowing down. Most guys at that age would have dropped the contests and headed into the backcountry, are you tempted to do the same?

You know it’s interesting because I have always loved competing and I don’t seem to get over it. I have never been obsessed with winning or being the best in the world, but since I was very young I always loved performing. Whether it was dancing, singing or doing sports, I loved being the centre of attention. I was the kid who made my way into the very front row during the Christmas ballet shows and if it was not obvious, I would find creative ways to get there. For me snowboarding and competing has always been about pushing myself, but also about spreading good vibes. That has stuck with me and even today it is as important to me to be a good support to my friends at the start of X-Games, as it is to do good in my run. Being a good friend and sharing with the younger kids what has helped me, is what makes me feel purpose in snowboarding at the end of the day.  I get so inspired by everybody throwing down, that the chances for me pushing myself are bigger than if I just ride in the park. There actually have been many times during contest where I have learned or stomped a trick for the first time ever.

Even though I love competing, snowboarding is so much more than that. Through out my career I have been “lucky” to be involved and work with companies that have taken me on adventures into the backcountry. I have also created my own projects that have taken me on some amazing journeys into raw, untouched nature. It is definitely a more peaceful and grounding space to snowboard in than in a ski resort. I co-produced and starred in a documentary from Iceland with the ladies of the One Life Crew. This turned out to be one of the most profound snowboard trips of my life and sparked a flame in me to go explore the mountains and the backcountry more by foot. In order to stay balanced and motivated in life it is important for me to have diversity. Taking the opportunities to go shred in the backcountry elevates my snowboarding & life.

You are a big advocator of a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, back in the day it was almost uncool to be in the gym and there was a lot more partying in the sport. Were you always this healthy or has that come with time?

Haha, yes snowboarders have always had a reputation for being kind of wild, not following rules and not taking sport too seriously. I remember Daniel Franck used to tell us rookies that he never worked out but to our disappointment, we discovered that this only was a cover-up to protect his image. In reality he was the first to go to the gym and the last to leave. A lot has changed within our snow community over the last decade and it is safe to say that it has become socially accepted to put in your hours at the gym. I think most riders agree that this is a must if you want to be on top of your game. Awareness about nutrition seems to be going at a slower pace and is probably linked to how little aware society is in general about the topic. I find the corruption in the global food industry very disturbing. My curiosity for food and digging deeper into that industry was inspired pretty organically when I transitioned from the halfpipe into slopestyle. I made friends with fellow competitors; Jamie Anderson and Chanelle Sladics and they were both eating organic, shopping at the health food store and ate mostly vegetarian. Observing them, I quickly relalised that I had a pretty disconnected relationship to what I put into my mouth and how it affected me, my health and my performance in sports. Now that I have incorporated nutrition into a fundamental asset to my life health and performance, I can’t imagine how I could do what I do now, without it.

I started watching documentaries and swapped most of my meat for veggies and educated myself on the benefits of eating organic. I used to get an allergic reaction every time I ate apples and certain fruits. After testing out an organic apple without getting an itchy throat or swollen face, I knew I was on the right track. When I watch old videotapes of myself I can tell how often I was sick, I constantly had a sore throat, cough and stuffy nose. I know a big part of it was my lack of nutrients and excess of meat & dairy. I already know so much more about food and health than back when I was in my early 20’s and my plan is to get certified as a nutritionist.

Does riding for energy drink conflict with leading a healthy lifestyle?
Everybody is on their own path in life and we need to respect each other for where we are. I know that for me riding for an energy-drink created a big conflict within myself. I am intrigued by what these companies have done for the progression of our sport, creating platforms where the riders can train to reach an almost inhumane level- but it came to a point where I was so aware of what was in the actual products, that it no longer was an option for me to keep promoting them. That’s why I quit my contract early.

We have to wake up and realize the side effects. Kids look up to us athletes and want to do exactly like we do. I personally remember the influence my “hero’s” had on my life and actions. It has been important for me to not judge other riders for what they choose, as there is a really positive contribution and team side of working with these brands. It can be challenging to turn snowboarding into a career and non-endemic support is really valuable. At the same time it is important for me to stay true to my values. I see it as my responsibility to be a good, healthy leader/ influencer for my community and our audience. We all have different purposes in life, and for me this doesn’t align with my path.

Enjoying some healthy dining.   Photo: Anniken Zahl Furunes

Enjoying some healthy dining.
Photo: Anniken Zahl Furunes

You are also big into been green and respecting the environment and a part of the One life crew. Do you think a sport that changed the environment so much to build lifts, pistes, involves 1000’s of flight miles a year and uses toxic materials in snowboard construction can ever be truly environmentally friendly? What can we do to reduce this impact?

Being truly environmentally friendly depends on how we define that. I believe that the current state of the globe and human health is at the worst it has ever been and we are in deep need for change. At the same time we are seeing a lot of new companies and businesses with innovative solutions and great motivation to help protect out planet. We also see this trend growing in our own snow community and industry. Brands and non-profits are taking initiatives to help reduce waste, use non-toxic materials and activate against global warming. It is not a secret that as a professional snowboarder’s carbon footprint is going to be on the larger side, but to me that is an even bigger incentive to why I want to be conscious on how I can reduce it in my every day life. Waste like plastic never decomposes, so to me that one is obvious – use less plastic and stay away from the single use conveniences. Carpooling, turning off the light, eating less meat, and using my voice and platform as an athlete are thing I aim to do daily. I made an extra effort to make sure my signature pieces throughout the last years have been made from recycled materials. That means resources saved on every piece. It is silly to think you can’t save the world alone, it is a ripple effect we need to work together and help each other understand how we can do that.

Breckenridge resort has done some great initiatives by keeping their newest run “as natural as possible” and they also have a huge composting system for their food waste. Mervin manufacturing is using FSC certified wood, which means respecting biological diversity, water resources, soils and fragile eco systems in the process of making snowboards. In short it means that they (and you buying their boards) are contributing to helping protect forests for future generations and support jobs that are not operating in a toxic room. A new goal of mine is to align with companies who take these kinds of initiatives sincerely and do my best to influence the ones who don’t.

Winning at Keystone.   Photo: Mark Immanuel

Winning at Keystone.
Photo: Mark Immanuel

It seems like pro riders are having a tough time at the moment with budget cuts and contests being cancelled. Was being a pro easier in the early 2000’s than it is now? Do you think it will ever get back to how it was before the recession?

I have learned that being an athlete is truly a privilege and because snowboarding is in the entertainment industry. I think we are more likely to get hit sooner in a global financial setback. Many riders are experiencing tough times at the moment and it is sad to see a lot of great talent lack financial and unable to reach their full potential.

We are a part of a global recession that has effected most industries. At the same time we are also a part of a global sport industry and sports tend to stir up deep passion within spectators and athletes all over the world. Sports are also deeply rooted in our education systems and play a big role in national guidelines for health. I believe that sports, especially snowboarding can help enrich our lives, connect us to our bodies and nature. We have something that is very unique, that is rare to find at the highest level of other sports, playfulness, creativity and community. For that reason I am not worried about the future of snowboarding, but it is up to us to teach the true values and why we started riding to the generations coming up behind us. In addition we need to show them how to respect nature and the importance of community.

Now that snowboarding is a part of the Olympics, with most competitive disciplines represented it has reached a whole new audience and level of performance. Being sponsored is more than slapping a sticker on your board. To me it is important that the companies and people I work with have similar values and goals and truly see the benefit in working as partners. My definition of what being a professional snowboarder means has changed a lot since I started traveling on tour in 1998. Being a good role model used to mean wearing a helmet. Being a respected athlete used to be defined by skill set and attitude. Today athletes who are willing to look outside themselves and get that there is a much bigger picture compiling of many different pieces, inspire me most.

Getting it done at the X-Games.   Photo: Thomas Harstad

Getting it done at the X-Games.
Photo: Thomas Harstad

Would you consider the old days better for snowboarding than now?

The old days was fun but I like to believe that I am conscious to help create only better days.

It seems now that the standard of Women’s riding is improving at a fast rate. Why is it that some Women will be able to spin 9’s and 10’s in video parts but in contests they will go back to 3’s and 5’s? Is it because they didn’t have to do bigger tricks to make it through?
I strongly disagree with that statement. The level at contests is so bad-ass right now. Doubles, 9’s and even 10’s. The style is getting more defined as well. I’m proud to be a part of this era for sure. Filming a video part is very different from competing. If I am out in the backcountry, the biggest challenge is landing in powder, so if I’m filming I always turn down the technical aspect and focus on style and the actual landing. It’s an art on it’s own. The women who are able to pull off sick video parts from the backcountry impress me so much. Alongside with skills there are so many things that have go right in order to “get the shot”. Light, focus, communication between the rider and the filmers and snow etc. Filming in the park is a lot “easier”. You can take many tries and ride as long as the filmer is up for it.

When you are competing, you have one set stage in front of you to perform on, since snowboarding is an outdoor sport you are going to deal with weather and speed challenges every now and then. There is a direct link between not having enough speed and risk of injuries, especially knee injuries for women. Many studies show that women have a much greater risk of injuring their knees when jumping and landing than men, because of the biomechanics in the knees. In the Olympics the course was pretty gnarly for both genders, huge step-down jumps and not enough practice. In order to perform at your highest level and have fun you need the right stage to do so.

One of the reasons why Chanelle Sladics and I created Community Cup (; we wanted to create a course and an event that would bring out the best tricks, progression and style. The girls were provided with a chance to give feedback and ideas to what kind of features, jump sizes etc. they wanted to see included in the course. We tested it to make sure the speed would work, even if we got wind or snow (and we did). Silje Norendal said she did the best rail run of her life, because the rails allowed her to step up her game. The format allowed you to keep your semi-final score and bring it into finals, which created a lot of room for the riders to send it straight out of the gate in finals. In the big air Cheryl threw down the sickest 900’s with so much style!! The women are capable of so much; they just need the right stage to show it, whether it’s in the park filming, competing or if it’s out in the wild chasing pow!

Have you already made plans for what you will do after you retire?

Right now I love snowboarding and the lifestyle that comes with being a professional snowboarder. Progressing, learning, setting goals, traveling, photography, being outdoors in nature, advocating, being the best I can possibly be, connecting and creating networks, playing, cultivating my creativity. I don’t ever want to remove myself from snowboarding and I want to create ways to stay connected to it while give back to the community that has given me so much.

I used to fear the time where I have to stop being a professional athlete, as that’s what I have been the majority of my life, that’s what I am good at. Recently I have discovered that there are so many opportunities out there, I just have to create them. When I was younger I never planned to be a professional snowboarder, I just followed what I loved and it created itself. I will continue this approach and trust it will create a future “profession” I love.

I aim to stay unattached to the length of time I receive support to continue my snowboard career. For now- I am happy to invest the majority of my time and energy into becoming great at snowboarding and continue to represent our sport to the masses. Snowboarding is constantly leading me to new opportunities, and I am confident it will continue to introduce me to great humans and brands that I align with- I will leave the rest to the universe.

Signature smile.   Photo: Chanelle Sladics

Signature smile.
Photo: Chanelle Sladics



Food For Fall

Fall is a special time of the year. The trees start breaking down the chlorophyll in their leafs and we get to see what's hiding beneath; red, yellow, orange - the most beautiful color combinations to just fall in love to. Fall to me is also about cuddling up in front of the fire inside and making yummy food. Here is a simple recipe for a healthy lunch snack that is easy to make and taste so gooooood. 

- Rye crackers - avocado - chick peas - radish - sprouts - some seeds - fresh lemon - cucumber

Treat yourself with a hot milk tea made with cashews, sprinkled with turmeric, cinnamon and maple syrup.

Happy fall :)