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Red Carpet for a good cause

We had so much fun getting dolled up in beautiful dresses and creative hairstyles for the @womenssportsfoundation event in ‪#‎newyork‬ last night. But more importantly, we all feel so blessed to be a part of this great celebration and movement, founded by the legendary Billy Jean King. 

“Forty-one years ago we founded an organization to recognize the accomplishments of the world's greatest women athletes just like we are doing here at tonight's Salute,” said WSF Founder Billie Jean King. “We have seen great momentum and breakthroughs this past year for female athletes, coaches and commentators and we came together tonight to celebrate those moments, and to commemorate the impact the Foundation has on women and girls each and every day” 

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, donations to the foundation and to people spreading the word to help create more awareness and opportunities for women in sports! And thank you @freepeople for the amazing dress I got to wear walking down the red carpet for a great cause!