Becomes the first woman in history to compete simultaneously on freestyle and freeride world tour - By Peter Gløersen, October 26, 2015

Photo: Matt Georges

Photo: Matt Georges

OSLO, NORWAY: «I’m so excited to make the cut of eight women to compete on the Freeride World Tour this season. I wanted to challenge myself in a different element, outside of the park», says Kjersti. «Snowboarding is all about exploring potential and creativity, something I belive this terrain will provide».

Thus Buaas will challenge herself on some of the most difficult faces in the world this winter. The 33 year old, however, has no plans of letting go of the park just yet. She will also be competing in the biggest slopestyle and big air events this season.

«This is huge. Kjersti is a candidate to win X Games with her frontside 1080, and will at the same time be taking on the gnarliest freeride competitions in the world. This is unique», commented Per Iver Grimsrud, national team coach. «She handled the transition from halfpipe to slopestyle and now it will be interesting to see how she handles the transition to freeriding To compete in both the freestlye and freeride world tour simultaneously has to our knowledge, not been done before.»

«It has always been attracting to me to compete because I give it all when the pressure is on», said Buaas. «This is a huge challenge, where I will have the opportunity to use my experiences as a contest rider, in a unknown, exciting and natural element»

Buaas has been a member of the Norwegian National team for 17 years, competed in four Olympics and won arguably the most progressive contest last year, Nine Queens. She was also awarded as female rider of the year at the Norwegian Snowboard Awards earlier this month. As a competitor on the Freeride World Tour Buaas win be guaranteed a place in Andorra, Chamonix and Fieberbrunn. If she performs well she will also qualify for the season finale. First in Alaska. If that goes well she will stare down the frightening face of Bec de Rosses in Verbier at the final day of the season.

This is what’s in store for Kjersti on the Freeride World Tour

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