Protect Our Winters Norway challenged me to have a meat free- week this February! Off course I said yes, and now we invite YOU to join POW´s vegetarian week with us. To make it easy and fun, we've made recipes for the whole week, and they're all cheap, timesaving, simple, delicious, healthy and most of all - good for the environment!

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Kjersti Buaas veggisveko

The easiest way to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions is to eat less meat. If everyone in Norway eats one vegetarian meal a week, it has the same effect as removing 170 000 cars from the roads for a whole year (1). If everyone in the world turned vegetarian, it would reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions related to food production by 60 %. Moreover, if everyone turned vegan, it would further reduce the emissions by 10 % (2). Since food-related emissions account for about 15% of total global emissions (1), this will, in other words, have a very big effect. It may not be realistic to expect everyone to turn vegan or even vegetarian overnight, but if we all eat a little bit less meat, it will help! It might even ensure our children and grandchildren can experience the same wonderful and snowy winters we've been so lucky to live through

Take the challenge, JOIN THE VEGETARIAN WEEK!


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