I am proud to be an ambassador for Simply Straws because they are a responsible brand, with an aim to make this world a better place. By educating people about how harmful plastics, and especially single-use plastics, are for the environment and by providing us with a reusable alternative, they are truly an inspiration to me. Their products are so elegant and I love bringing my straws on my travels. Recently the news channel Buzzfeed created a video where one of the employees challenged her co-workers to stop using plastic straws for a week. The #stopsucking was used to get people motivated to jump on the challenge. Co-founder of Simply Straws, Chanelle Sladics and I went up to LA and handed out Simply straws glass straws to everyone who joined the challenge. A few months later, the video they made has gone viral and been seen over 10 million times online!!  am so grateful and happy to see good things go viral. That is in my opinion what we need - not something silly thing about who married who or what celebrity had a baby. I feel that the anti-single-use-plastic movement is finally picking up some well deserved momentum. In 2002 Bangladesh became the first county to ban the use of thin plastic bags. That is almost 20 years ago now!! With more individuals waking up to the problem and governments jumping onboard, I see a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. Taiwan has for example a goal is to ban plastic straws entirely by 2030. I am so proud to be a voice and extension of Simply Straws and help spread the message to help eliminate plastic straws. So what do you say? Are you ready to jump onboard and #stopsucking ?!!