Get outside your comfort zone to discover your true self on a whole new level! This summer I embarked on an adventure and set out to paddle the whole #NaPalicoast in a kayak. This coastline, about 17 miles long, hosts incredible views of breathtaking nature and wildlife all along the way; Ocean caves, sacred valleys, intense hiking trails, tropical fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles, waterfalls and much more. For many adventurers this becomes their pilgrimage, as you definitely will face challenges on the way. It is no cell phone reception & the only way to get to the pristine beaches is to either hike the intense 11 mile Kalalau trail or travel by boat. Some people hover over the valleys in helicopters but I call that cheating 😜 I sure got my fair share of physical and mental challenges being out on the majestic ocean in a small kayak, floating over the waves in everything from stormy weather to calm turquoise water. At the same time I truly had a trip of my lifetime & would highly recommend embarking on this journey if you ever get the chance!