Sailing, kayaking, waterskiing free-diving, climbing, surfing and stand up paddling are all fun summer activities, but how do they challenge me to be my best in the winter? What all these sports have in common that they challenge my balance, my strength, my flexibility and ability to flow, to make quick decisions, to be present and learn to follow the natural patterns of nature. As a professional snowboarder for over 18 years, I have experienced that it is challenges like this that I get faced with during preparation for a contest or in the heat of the moment. Dropping in to the slopestyle course at XGames I have to be balanced, focused strong, confident and be able to adapt to weather and other external incidents that I have no control over. I have learned they hard way that if I do otherwise, I might get seriously injured. Sitting on the sidelines is no fun and that's why I use my time off the snow wisely, preparing my body and mind for situations that most likely will occur and be as strong, flexible and balanced as possible. I integrate and use all these fun, creative, self powered activities with my regular training, to help take my snowboarding and performance to the next level!